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ICW Group “HR OnDemand” Commerce, GA 30529

ICW Group “HR OnDemand” Commerce, GA 30529

HR OnDemand is a benefit of Workers Comp Insurance with ICW Group for business in Commerce Georgia.

Call America Insurance Brokers at 678-648-1900 to get your ICW Group policy and the benefits of HR OnDemand!

HR OnDemand is an HR consultant service provided to the ICW Group Commerce Ga customers  – no matter what size of a workers compensation policy.  Any Commerce GA Business with a ICW Group workers comp policy will have unlimited access to a certified HR representative to answer any type of HR related questions they may have.  This is a great feature, but did you know how valuable it could be?

The following services are complementary for ICW Group workers comp customers:

  • Businesses in Commerce have the ability to contact HR Advisers for their Commerce Ga business.
  • Online Compliance Resources to help Commerce businesses-
    • Create Job descriptions
    • See State and Federal employment law alerts
    • Grab poliices for topics like hiring, time off, and employee performance.
  • ICW Group customers in Commerce Georgia also get business handbooks completed.
    • Consultant fees for handbook creation can easily cost $2,000 or more per handbook
    • Helping to aleviate the risk of employment liability with clearly communicated, regulatory compliant policies for Commerce Ga businesses.

Here is a Value-Added Benefit Report (click here) to help explain the potential value to the business in Commerce Georgia.

The attached report has a fictional insured name, but the data is real – it belongs to a real insured who utilized the HR OnDemand service for free and saved over $6,255 dollars!  For example:

  • every time you contact an HR Advisor, you could incur consulting fees of $250 or more per hour.  If you contacted HR 10x in an annual period, that would be $2,500 you’d end up dishing out.
  • What if you wanted to create an employee handbook?  That could potentially result in consulting fees of $1,500 or more!

ICW Group’s workers comp customers get HR OnDemand for free!

Saving the Commerce Georgia business THOUSANDS!

Call America Insurance Brokers at 678-648-1900 to get your ICW Group policy and the benefits of HR OnDemand!


ICW Group provides workers comp for roofers with businesses in Commerce Georgia including all of the benefits above. Roofers need to be insured for 3-5 years of prior coverage but ICW Group insures roofers with rates that compete with any carrier! Need General Liability insurance for the Commerce Ga roofer? Look at our Roofer General Liability solutions for Commerce Georgia by clicking here

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