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Roofer General Liability Insurance for roofers in Blakely Georgia is readily available at rates that are winning 40+% of the time.

Call our Savannah office at 912-225-6000 if you have a roofing business in Blakely GA 39823

If you have a roofing business where roofing is your primary business, America Insurance Brokers has General Liability and workers comp insurance solutions for roofing businesses in Blakely Ga.  Roofers Save when insuring their business with America Insurance Brokers.

Solutions are suited for the following type of Blakely roofing operations:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Clay or Concrete Tile
  • Metal Roof Systems for steep slope applications
  • Slate
  • Treated wood shakes or shingles
  • other synthetic coverings
  • Built Up Roof Systems- “Tar and Gravel”
  • Metal panel roof systems for low-slope applications
  • Spray polyurethane foam-based roofs

Are you or the business a member of NRCA? (National Roofing Contractors Association)  If so, the underwriting process wants to know!

Commercial Roofing? Residential Roofing? Carpentry involved with roofing? We have solutions that save you money!

Are you currently insured? We have a need to know where your current roofer general liability is active.  Continuous coverage is helpful in the underwriting process.

Roofers with years of experience and a business of only roofing and doing repairs part of the roofing process save. … Read MORE about this Insurance Product “Roofer General Liability Application Blakely Early 39823”

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Professional Liability for business owners in Blakely GA 39823 or in Early County Georgia

America Insurance Brokers now provides 70+ classes of businesses quick affordable Professional Liability.  Call our Savannah Office at 912-225-6000 to get a quote that saves you money

Eligible criteria for Blakely Ga professional liability would include the following:

  • Generating <= $3M in annual revenues
  • No claims or losses have occurred during the last 5 years
  • No knowledge of any incident that may result in a future claim
  • Desired liability limits are no more than $2M / $2M

There are three levels of coverage options:

 BASIC Package
Blanket Additional Insured coverage
Prior Acts

 SILVER Package
Blanket Additional Insured coverage
$100,000 sublimit for Contingent BI/PD
$150,000 sublimit for 3rd Party Discrimination
Full Prior Acts

 GOLD Package
Blanket Additional Insured coverage
$500,000 sublimit for Contingent BI/PD
$250,000 sublimit for 3rd Party Discrimination
Full Prior Acts
Full Worldwide coverage
Waiver of Subrogation
50% deductible reduction on claim, if a written agreement is in place with the client
UPGRADE to a 2-year policy to lock in your rate!

Here are some quick examples of recent policies and pricing:

Process Server (FL)
  • Revenues: $225K
  • Limits: $1M / $1M
  • Deductable: $0
  • Annual Premium: $1,376
Travel Agent (PA)
  • Revenues: $20K
  • Limits: $1M / $1M
  • Deductable: $1,000
  • Annual Premium: $568
Consultant (GA)
  • Revenues: $280K
  • Limits: $1M / $1M
  • Deductable: $1,000
  • Annual Premium: $1,126
Bookkeeper (UT)
  • Revenues: $16.5K
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GuideOne is winning big on small workers comp needs!

Call America Insurance Brokers in Savannah at 912-225-6000

GuideOne is the Biggest National name in Church Insurance!

With any carrier, Growth is key and GuideOne is growing outside of the prior model of church insurance only.

GuideOne now provides the same A+ carrier name and services to business owners for Business Owner Policies, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto and more is coming for Georgia and South Carolina including those living in zip code 39823 or in Blakely Georgia!

Here are some samples or recent GuideOne wins!

  • A services business providing Apparel chose GuideOne for their workers comp.
    • Services businesses in 39823 call-912-225-6000 for your quote.
  • A retail Class Shop just moved its workers comp to GuideOne
    • Retail business in Blakely save on workers comp when calling- 912-225-6000
  • A Restaurant providing Thai Cuisine just moved its workers comp to GuideOne
    • Restaurants win when working with a Workers Comp Broker calling 912-225-6000
  • GuideOne won a Methodist Church with a premium as low as $409.00 yearly
    • Early county Churches save when calling 912-225-6000
  • An Art Supply providing wholesale goods moved their workers comp to GuideOne
    • Wholesale businesses save money and time when calling 912-225-6000
  • Beauty Salon providing services saved with coverage from GuideOne
    • Salon owners are more profitable when calling 912-225-6000
  • A restaurant providing Salvadoran Cuisine SAVED when choosing GuideOne
    • Restaurant owners win when calling 912-225-6000
  • and a Baptist Church provide added funds to the ministry of the church by saving money with a GuideOne Church workers comp policy
    • Baptist Churches and Churches in Blakely Ga SAVE when calling 912-225-6000

Is savings important to you in Blakely Ga? … Read MORE about this Insurance Product “GuideOne Workers Comp 39823 Early GA”

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