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Life is not Future.  Life is made up experiences today that build our future.   Landlord Insurance Brokers Paul Locke has that experience:

  • years experience renovating homes for an investor/father
  • 9+ years working for the one time largest property management companies in the Atlanta Metro market
  • Tenant burned Paul’s personal rental home and went through the claims process.
  • America Insurance Brokers insures a thousand rental/vacant/builders risk policies a year for investors, REITs, and one-off landlords.
  • Recent claims related to policies:
    • 8 unit apartment complex burned
    • Tenant burned home at the point the sheriff arrived to evict
    • Flooded homes
    • AC/Wiring/Plumbing theft and home vandalism and recent even the Carpet was removed.
    • The list is long…

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Life is not Future.  Life is made up experiences today that build our future.  What makes America Insurance Brokers unique is Agency owner Paul Locke grew up in a family where father Robert Locke owned and managed at times over 2000 single family homes in the Atlanta metro area with average rent of $1500+ dollars.

Paul Locke worked for his dad for 9 years and grew up renovating homes and personally doing evictions.  One may say that Paul Locke has seen it all, but that is probably not true in today’s world that continues to change.

America Insurance Brokers works with investors knowing that investors are all different.  Cash Flow needs – Propensity to absorb loss  are factors to position investors or landlords for meeting their goals.  Paul Locke has had a tenant burn his personal rental home.   Experience of property management, claims, customer service- America Insurance Brokers has a unique angle to meeting the purchaser of a Landlord policy’s needs with a variety of carrier options.

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Additional information

Guard Landlord Insurance

Apartment complex insurance for habituation buildings with 5 or more residential dwellings.

Safeco Landlord Insurance

Safeco insures tenant occupied homes with a GREAT value and coverage that includes a LLC.

Travelers Landlord Insurance

Travelers has really become a leader in available coverage. Equipment breakdown coverage and service line coverage is available on the Travelers Landlord insurance. Travelers has the best value when home and auto are added to the coverage solution.

Grange Landlord Insurance

Grange landlord insurance has a price that works well for tenant occupied homes. Grange does require home coverage with the carrier to qualify for the Grange Landlord policy

Nationwide Landlord Insurance

Nationwide Landlord insurance comes in two packages: Nationwide Landlord on personal policy and the Nationwide Commercial Policy landlord policy. Two great policies for Landlord Insurance

Foremost Landlord Insurance

Foremost is a LEADER in landlord insurance. Unfortunately too many agents strip coverage and miss opportunities to provide coverage vs LOW coverage that disappoints at time of claim. America Insurance Brokers provides Foremost Coverage for landlord insurance needs and expectations with a pulse on price and customer needs. Foremost is a Farmers Insurance Company

American Modern Landlord Insurance

American Modern has been a LEADER in Landlord insurance and the NEW policy, pricing, and coverage are providing investors with solutions that meet the VRBO need and long term tenant solution.

USLI Landlord Insurance

USLI is a mixed bag of solutions. We are not a direct seller of this product but we write USLI often to meet investor solutions.

State Auto Dwelling Fire Insurance

State Auto tenant occupied policies are good coverage for customers with State Auto Home and auto.

Hartford Landlord Insurance

Hartford Dwelling Fire. Hartford is not a product we regularly sell but it is an option for specific needs

Heritage Landlord Insurance

Heritage has the solution for the small investor with a variety of ownership solutions and coverage and pricing that is competitive for condo, home, townhome, townhouse, and coastal landlord solution

Certain Underwriters of Lloyds of London

There are many groups that provide Lloyds solutions. We believe we have the best! A LOW rate, no policy fees, no minimum earned premium, monthly payment options and No property inspections. The BEST solution solution for vacant or landlord policies

Lloyds of London Landlord policies

The general Lloyds policy is considered basic coverage with minimum coverage. We have solutions but error to sell this policy for unique risks only.

GenStar Policy

GenStar does a great job at tenant occupied properties including apartments, condo units, and a schedule of properties. We proudly sell GenStar through Burns and Wilcox and Southern Cross but would love to have a direct solution.